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You're Gorgeous is a producer and wholesale supplier of luxury natural handmade soap made by the traditional cold process method, an alchemy of plant oils and alkali solution gently preserving the natural qualities of the oils and extracts and retaining the natural moisturising glycerine produced during the soap making process.

In 1998, we discovered the benefits and the pleasures of making our own natural handmade soap and handmade toiletries in small batches. We wanted our natural handmade soap to be as pure and authentic as possible, soapmaking from scratch from fine plant oils and extracts, botanicals, organic ingredients, aromatherapy blends and essential oils. 


Our luxury handmade soap and bath products are created entirely by hand in North Wales using fine natural ingredients from all over the world and are generously formulated to be rich, mild and long-lasting. Many of our soaps are decorated with dried flowers and botanicals or stamped by hand. We are very proud of our natural handmade soap and toiletries, and have never been tempted to skimp on ingredients and processes as this is what makes them unique and special.

Using natural soap and natural bath products can make a difference to how your skin behaves, helping your skin to rebalance naturally. Handmade soap nourishes and softens your skin, without stripping it of its natural oils, allowing your skin to come to its own equilibrium. We have received a lot of feedback over the years from customers who tell us how, with regular use, our natural handmade soap has helped with their dry skin conditions, eczema and psoriasis. We're convinced that once you enter the realm of real handmade soap and bath products you will quickly become a connoisseur and learn to enjoy the benefits.

We look for inspired ways of getting our wonderful, therapeutic ingredients onto your skin and hair in the most enjoyable way possible, so our wonderful soaps are exquisitely designed; decorated with beautiful herbs and flowers, or layered and marbled with glorious colour. We have a large range of fun-filled fizzing bath bombs, some delectable cupcake bath melts, little patisserie style melts, mineral salts, moisturising bath milks, rich butter body scrubs, shower mousse, and the most amazing luxury triple-whipped Shea Butter. There's lots to discover. We are wholesale suppliers and welcome you to join our client list. We send our products all over the world and are always ready to help our customers to present them to their very best. We want our products to work well for you, and always do our best to build a strong, successful and personal relationship. We believe that if our customers do well, we do well.

Authentic, artisan made from scratch in North Wales
Paraben free, SLS free, natural ingredients
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