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Our Gorgeous Natural Handmade Soaps

Our lovely luxury handmade soaps come to you freshly made, but get even better over time! So much care is taken in their making, with pure plant oils, gorgeous golden cocoa butter and creamy white shea butter, generous amounts of pure essential oils, such as lovely lavender and gorgeous geranium oil, and the most sensational toppings of flowers, rosebuds, dried fruits and herbs. These natural cold process handmade soaps are so good to look at, so good to smell and above all, so mild, creamy and nourishing to use. 1Kg soap loaves or logs and 6Kg blocks available.

Fresh Butter Soaps

Earthly Delights Soaps

We just love to make our Earthly Delights Handmade Natural Soap. The earthy fragrance of rich, steamy infusions of dried flowers and herbs fill our soap kitchen. We whip up a frothy green purée of aloe vera juice, fresh cucumbers and dill, or perhaps prepare a paste of green clay or of dried rosehip powder to stir into our big soap pot, full of our rich and creamy handmade soap mix. These recipes may be a little complicated, but they are well worth the effort. Our Earthly Delights handmade natural soaps, with their exciting blends of quality essential oils and creamy shea butter, will delight your senses and pamper your skin. Great if you are a vegetarian or vegan. 1Kg soap loaves or logs and 6Kg blocks available.


We can't all take a walk every day on a Mediterranean hillside, wander through a Eucalyptus forest or stroll along a seaweed strewn shore, so we have tried to capture some of the sensory delights of being outside in our range of Open Air handmade soaps. Fresh and bright with their sunny essential oil blends these handmade soaps are inspired by the great outdoors and include sprinklings and toppings of nature's best. 1kg logs and 6kg blocks available for wholesale. Let's take a walk on the wild side - as the saying goes. 

Specials & Seasonal Soaps

Making soap is a highly creative process. On making a new soap we consider colour, form, texture, decoration, scent, mood and environment, as well as looking for inspiration from our huge ingredients pantry. From time to time, we make some special soaps available to reflect the season or to enjoy a new combination of ingredients. Apart from our wonderful, essential oils and natural ingredients, we have an array of colourful pigments and dyes, and amazing, complex, high quality fragrances and perfumes to add new dimensions and possibilities to our all-natural soap formulas. Please follow our social media pages or enquire about our latest creations.

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