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Wholesale Bath Bombs and Bath Products

Our bath bombs are alway stunning, smell amazing with a huge array of quality fragrances, and treat the skin how it should be treated. We have fizzing bath bombs with added plant oils to enrich the bath water, and we have foaming bath bombs with gorgeous scents and a gentle foaming agent. We're always working on fantastic ways to elevate bath time and bring fragrance and skin-loving ingredients to our customers and to their customers.

Our wholesale bath bombs are always a bit different because we really don't waste our time trying to copy the designs of world famous bath bomb stores. We just aim to make them the most stunning bath bombs around.

Creative Wholesale Bath Bombs and Natural Bath Products for your Store

If you're looking for wholesale bath bombs, we're here for you and waiting to make your store smell amazing. We supply gift shops, hotels, dedicated bath stores, franchisors, online sellers, market stall holders, gift basket suppliers and more. Our goods are provided bulk-packed with the information you need for labelling. Whether it's 50 or 5,000 bulk bath bombs, for the UK or for export, white label wholesale in an impressive range of fantastic quality fragrances and a rainbow of colours. We have all-natural products with essential oils and gentle, natural ingredients. But why stop there? We have taken things to a different level of luxury entirely. Our bath melts, bath creamers and creamy bath cakes are loaded with cocoa butter and shea butter and the most exquisite of fragrances. 

Our amazing sugar scrubs fly off the shelves, with their gorgeous colours, cute heart shape and irresistible fragrances. And there are our invigorating foot scrubs, designed to fight fatigue and revitalise the spirit.

Bath Bomb Packaging

Bath bombs by the dozen, Irresistable bath creamers, cupcakes and melts, shower mousse, sacks and buckets of bath salts and milks ready for you to package according to your concept. Everything is freshly made by hand in Wales for wholesale supply and waiting for you to offer to your customers. We pretty sure they will love them.

We've put together a few links here to help you present our products in unique and economical ways, to add value to the product and present it to your customers.

We aren't affiliated to any of the sites we have featured, and have no further knowledge of them or the products they offer. We have simply picked out a few ideas from our online searches to assist our wholesale bath bomb customers.

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