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Amazing Ingredients. Back to Black: activated charcoal.

Updated: Feb 19

Dense, black, absorbent and fascinating, this isn't the charcoal you would set light to on your outdoor barbecue grill to cook your juicy steaks and corn cobs. This is activated charcoal and a valuable ingredient to add to the self-care pantry.

Activated charcoal powder. Detox

The activated charcoal we use is a very fine, odourless powder with bamboo or coconut shells being "activated" by heating to very high temperatures which greatly increases the surface area and absorption potential of the charcoal. The activated charcoal can "trap" toxins and remove them from the body. It has been used internally to treat poisonings and drug overdoses. It has also been shown to aid healing of wounds, and of course, it's included in the formulation of some toothpastes. As far as benefits to human skin is concerned, it is considered to help draw dirt, micro-particles dead cells and excess oils from the skin.

We just think it looks amazingly cool and couldn't wait to use it in a beautiful skin-loving product, so were inspired to make Dark Therapy, a gentle cleansing soap bar, with beneficial anti-microbial, anti-septic essential oils, Cedarwood Atlas, Spanish Rosemary, Sweet Orange and Sicilian Bergamot, which synergistically blend together to give a light, refreshing and clean fragrance.

The sleek, black rippled surface was just calling out for decoration, so we sprinkle on some golden marigold petals, jewelled rose petals and black juniper berries.

Activated Charcoal soap, Dark Therapy handmade soap, detoxifying soap, cleansing soap bar.
Dark Therapy Handmade Soap

Dark Therapy handmade soap, detox soap, detoxifying soap, cleansing soap bar, handmade soap.
Dark Therapy Handmade Soap

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