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Muslin bags and the office stamp.

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Presenting our handmade soaps is all part of the fun. We send our soaps to you as a blank canvas, along with all the information you need to fulfil labelling requirements. You can then add your particular style and individualise our soaps in all sorts of ways. Think of a theme: rustic, vintage, minimalist, boudoir, patisserie, urban, and then try to find materials that will easily adapt to your theme.

Our soaps need to be able to breathe, so I picked up some muslin bags quite cheap on Ebay and employed the office stamp to give them a bit of design. Don't stop there though. You can get a custom made stamp to apply your company logo, a simple or even a more complex design. The ink seems to work well on the porous fabric. The string pulls on the bags weren't too beautiful, so I just added a bit of hemp twine for a clean rustic look. Cheap too!

Muslin bags, stamped.

Muslin bags, stamped.

I found some nice examples on Pinterest, where people have gone a few steps further.

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